Silverlight on Windows Mobile AND Nokia :)

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Gosh, never thought that i'd ever be able to post those two logos side by side. 🙂 That's right. After a lot of hard work, not only are we announcing that we have Silverlight on Mobile devices now, but we're announcing that Microsoft and Nokia are working together to provide Silverlight on S60, S40 and Nokia Linux Tablets.

Silverlight on mobile will take the form of a browser plug-in, the same as the web version. Handset manufacturers can also choose to use Silverlight for deeper integration into the low level architecture of their handsets. And it will be equivalent to Silverlight 1.0.

You'll see cool demos at the MIX08 keynote and videos of those will be available online soon. The actual release of the CTP bits for developers and designers will be a few weeks after that..


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Comments (3)

  1. John says:

    So I guess having Silverlight 2 on mobile devices will be a long way off (2009/2010)?



  2. Kevin Daly says:

    Actually, that looks like a massively missed opportunity.

    Silverlight detached from the browser on Windows Mobile would have been an opportunity to radically improve the UI options for applications. That’s strike one.

    But equivalent to Silverlight 1.0…Come on!


    No layout panels, databinding, and so on…why even bother?

    You *do* realise that on a platform that allows dynamic switching of screen orientation having to specify position on screen with absolute coordinates is completely brain-dead, as well as torture?

    Sorry to make harsh statements but this is the most disappointing thing I’ve heard all year.

    I’ve stuck with the Compact Framework and Windows Mobile over the years despite the failure to deliver on its promise…but now I have to ask myself why I bother.

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