Google Gears on Windows Mobile

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Another validation of the power, flexibility and ease of development on the Windows Mobile platform. Google just announced the availability of their offline AJAX technology called Google Gears on Windows Mobile 5 and 6

What can Gears do? it provides an ability for AJAX applications to store data locally on the device. AJAX applications are inherently online-only thus requiring you to have a data connection. Gears allows you to host that data locally and then when the connection returns, operate online. Pretty nifty and creative solution.

Obviously there are some limitations due to the lousy implementation of Pocket IE (that will change, we promise you) for now. here is the list of limitations to Google Gears :

Funny how they chose Windows Mobile first over Symbian, iPhone or Android 😉 but i'm sure in due time, all these other platforms will be supported. Goodness for all.

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