Qik adds support for 20+ Windows Mobile devices

If you’re an avid Qikker like me, you’ll know that this is significant news. Now Qik runs on almost all of our Windows Mobile devices. Go download it here : http://qik.com/blog/281/support-for-20-new-phones-so-you-dont-miss-any-holiday-moments here are the phones that are supported: Palm: – Palm Treo 800w – Palm Treo Pro (alpha support) Samsung: – Samsung SGH-i900/i908/ SCH-i910 (Omnia)…


Want to know more about Internet Explorer Mobile 6?

Can’t help you with what devices will ship with Internet Explorer Mobile 6 but can help you find out more about it. here’s a link to a whitepaper that we published in November.   http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/c/c/8cc611e7-ec6b-49ee-af4a-415559d53262/Internet%20Explorer%20Mobile%206.pdf


THIS is what you call Mobile Web Browsing

WOW. Don’t usually post stuff that are borderline illegal but look at what browsing on the HTC Touch HD with Internet Explorer 6 mobile looks like. checkout the whole post here : http://www.modaco.com/content/blackstone-blackstone-modaco-com/277328/modaco-custom-rom-for-blackstone-1-08-12-17-ie6-cf3-5-uc-1-19-based-more/  Wow I say!


Ever wanted to just disappear from the world for a while?

These guys are Trinket software are cool! they keep on building and releasing simple yet useful applications that YOU WILL USE unlike apps that do nothing but let you watch swimming fish. The latest app is called Do Not Disturb which is currently in beta, allows you to configure your Windows Mobile device to capture…


Happy Holidays!

don’t you love the Variable Video features that Disney used in their Flash video? Wish we could do that.   Happy Holidays everyone.


AT&T debunks rumor and continues to love Windows Mobile

Contrary to what you might have read on GSMarena about AT&T ditching Windows Mobile for Linux / Android, they’ve committed to support Windows Mobile for years to come. here’s what they posted on devCentral recently: Clarification for some comments made at Symbian Partner Event At the Symbian Partner Event, there were some comments made by…


Pandora for Windows Mobile Available

Alright, here it is! I’ve been using Pandora just recently and gotten to love it (yes I know, “been there done that”) and love the way it recommends similar music based on the style you like. Pandora is available for other phones and just recently they launched the first Windows Mobile version for the Motorola…


Xperia Panels Update

Xperia™ Panels category submission date is now extended to January 30, 2009 The Xperia™ Panels category is now open for submissions until January 30, 2009 giving you more time to get creative using the Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1. To help inspire you, here are three panel examples from Sony Ericsson’s partners:…


New Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide Available

  The patterns & practices group has just recently released a new Pocket Guide that is targeted at Mobile Architecture and development. It covers a ton of information and common pitfalls that you can avoid when building serious mobile line of business applications. Download a copy here : http://www.codeplex.com/AppArch/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=19798


Verizon launches the Omnia!

Nice! Finally a new phone from Verizon. They need to ship more phones quicker, I have a ton of friends on Verizon that need upgrades. here are the specs: (resolution is a bummer though, 240×400 and not the VGA version)   Full HTML Web browser with touch navigation Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Access to multiple…