Zumobi Beta is Available!

Check it out. Pretty slick interface. Allows you to run applications or in this case "tiles" by just tapping the appropriate numbers on the keypad/keyboard/area of the screen that corresponds to the tiles on the screen.

This navigation method reminds me of my old old really old accounting application that we wrote in Turbo Pascal for the IBM PC MSDos that uses a tile based interface. We though that was the most revolutionary way of navigating menus. If only we'd patented it then. 😛

Watch the video here :

Download the beta and try it for yourself. You'd need a unlimited data plan though.

And if you are interested in making your own Tiles, a free SDK is available. Visit http://dev.Zumobi.com to download the SDK and documentation and visit the Forums for insights, tips, and assistance from other Zumobi developers.

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