Hey FBLook here!


Just got pinged on communicator to take a look at this cool add-on to outlook. FBLook allows you to update your Facebook status, see the number of requests/messages in your Facebook account. Go download it and try it out here : http://www.techhit.com/FBLook/

Some feature requests that I have :

  1. Allow status to update itself through a auto-refresh feature. Perhaps every 60secs (or allow you to configure how often you'd like this refreshed)
  2. Have a separate "Tab" for Friend statuses, and albums
  3. Integrate Facebook inbox with Exchange Folder
  4. Integrate Facebook contacts with Outlook Contacts

For this first alpha version, Good effort! can't wait to see more enhancements.

Comments (3)

  1. Tamon Yanagimoto says:

    Just installed this and it is working good!!

    Nice find!!

  2. cautionsign says:

    I like to use this tool also. Lol. Stay contact with your facebook’ s friends 😀

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