Silverlight 1.1 is now Silverlight 2.0

Cool! There are so many additional features that the Silverlight team is adding to it that instead of calling it a point release, they're going with a major release number. (unlike the naming convention we used for WM6 :P).

here's the list of new features:

  • WPF UI Framework: The current Silverlight Alpha release only includes basic controls support and a managed API for UI drawing.  The next public Silverlight preview will add support for the higher level features of the WPF UI framework.  These include: the extensible control framework model, layout manager support, two-way data-binding support, and control template and skinning support.  The WPF UI Framework features in Silverlight will be a compatible subset of the WPF UI Framework features in last week's .NET Framework 3.5 release.

  • Rich Controls: Silverlight will deliver a rich set of controls that make building Rich Internet Applications much easier.  The next Silverlight preview release will add support for core form controls (textbox, checkbox, radiobutton, etc), built-in layout management controls (StackPanel, Grid, etc), common functionality controls (TabControl, Slider, ScrollViewer, ProgressBar, etc) and data manipulation controls (DataGrid, etc).

  • Rich Networking Support: Silverlight will deliver rich networking support.  The next Silverlight preview release will add support for REST, POX, RSS, and WS* communication.  It will also add support for cross domain network access (so that Silverlight clients can access resources and data from any trusted source on the web).

  • Rich Base Class Library Support: Silverlight will include a rich .NET base class library of functionality (collections, IO, generics, threading, globalization, XML, local storage, etc).  The next Silverlight preview release will also add built-in support for LINQ to XML and richer HTML DOM API integration.


Read more at Scott Guthrie's Blog and at Tim Sneath's blog.

Comments (3)

  1. I’m a bit disappointed to see no references to Windows CE/Windows Mobile versions of Silverlight.

    I missed that bit of news or a "mobile/embedded" version of SL is still not scheduled?

    I hope to see SilverLight used to provide a rich UI for mobile devices to compete against flash for embedded platform and the iPhone UI…

  2. Loke Uei says:

    all I can say is we announced (at MIX last year) that we’ll be working on it and we have not changed that position. 🙂

  3. Henry V. Mempin says:

    I would like to know how the silverlight interact with the datab


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