Blackjack II has great battery life

Those of you who have one of these phones would agree with me. By far, this is the phone with the longest battery life of all the new Windows Mobile 6 devices we've seen. I haven't stress tested it yet but my previous phone battery lasts around 8-9 hours before you need to charge it, with 3G and DirectPush enabled the whole day.

For the Blackjack II, I have three bars left come midnight with everything turned on and regularly reading and downloading RSS feeds.


Go get one now :

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  1. m@ says:


    How often do you rotate handsets and how to you reconfigure it back to the way you like it each time?

    Do you use an autorun and some CSP XML? or just make some manual changes?

    I swap every few weeks and have written a c# autorun which will install all cabs in a particular folder along with executing some CSP XML…

  2. Loke Uei says:

    that’s nice!! I don’t do that. I keep everything in the SD card and copy the shortcuts from windowsstart menu, so when i move to another phone, i just place the icons back.. works most of the time. 🙂

    can u share the autorun?

  3. MikeK says:

    Question:  Back at Devcon in Vegas, One of the guys at the Win Mobile booth was demoing the BlackJack II Phone and I thought he mentioned it had a GPS chip built right into it.  

    I can’t seem to see that function on the spec sheet.  Can you confirm there is a GPS chip integrated on your handset please?  We are writing apps using GPS and if this phone has it built in, it will be awesome.

  4. DavidW says:

    MikeK asked:

    I can’t seem to see that function on the spec sheet.  Can you confirm there is a GPS chip integrated on your handset please?  


  5. MikeK says:

    David:  Thanks for the link.  That is awesome.  Answered the question that yes, GPS is there in the BJ-II, and answered the follow on question I would have no doubt had.. once I got the phone on how in the heck to interface to it since it seems there is some config missing for us programmers to interact with the chipset!  

  6. beasy says:

    i have the gps on my black jack two but it was pretty hard to find.

  7. Sarv says:

    I don’t have very good battery life on my Blackjack II.  It will last maybe 4-6 hours depending how much I use it.

    Any suggestions?  Is there a larger battery?

  8. Kev says:

    i only have about 4-6 hrs too on my blackjack with directpush and 3g goin.  someone must have a superbattery made by jesus!!

  9. Dan says:

    How do I turn off 3g and directpush.  I get like 6 hours or so of battery life, even if I am not checking my email, texting, going on the internet, or using the GPS…. please help?  I need a phone for the car ride home!!!

  10. Loke Uei says:

    The Lithium Batteries will degrade over time irregardless of whether you keep them charge all the time or not.

    to turn off Direct Push, go to activesync, Menu->schedule, change "As items arrive" to "Manually".

    can’t turn off 3g unfortunately.

  11. Steve says:

    I’ve had my blackjack two for less than 30 days now…saying that, the battery life is a little disappointing…although I browse the web maybe three to four times a day for about 3min each time. Everynight I have to charge it overnight and by nightfall of the next day the battery is shot. I was wondering if there was a higher compacity battery that I could buy for my Blackjack?

  12. Aaron says:

    I just purchased a BlackJack 2 and I can’t get my phone to last more than 6 hours either with 3g. I’m not even using it very often… very frustrating.

  13. phonedude says:

    TO TURN OFF 3G type *#1546792*#

    choose option3 Network & Call Settings

    choose option5 Network Mode

    then switch from "Auto" to "GSM"

    to switch back to 3G simply follow the same steps and switch back to auto


  14. mrshl says:

    Man, I was getting terrible battery life with my BlackJackII. 3G and Direct Push were definitely the culprits. I was getting maybe a day and a half of life with a brand new battery.

    Adjusting my ActiveSync settings to sync less frequently has quadrupled my battery life.

  15. Riccardojr says:

    Hey phonedude.

    Thanks for the info about switching from 3g to GSM. But today when I tried to switch back, the selector wouldn’t stick on AUTO and kept going back to GSM. Any idea how to make it stay?


  16. Wilson says:

    I have a blackjack and I just got my BJ2. I have to say i am not impressed by the new batterys life, I am upset there isnt an extended battery, I can use my old Blackjacks extended battery in my blackjack2 , but i have to fold a post it note into a small 1/8th inch square to press it against the battery leads, and then place the old blackjack extended battery cover over the blackjack2 and secure it to the top of the phone with a rubber band, now how ghetto does this look. Samsung please come out with a battery worthy of this phone.  

  17. diggla says:

    this dood is a total liar… these have crap battery. I have a blackjack and handled it by buying the bigger battery (this was before they started including it and no, they would not refund me the cost of buying what everyone else got for free). I made the mistake of buying the II and am taking it back tomorrow. The battery lasted 10 with what I would consider minimal use (which is check gmail once or twice, text some and receive/make about 8 phone calls). Horrible. This will never do for business use… or any kind of use, really! Too bad b/c I really like the interface. I’m convinced that 3G is a energy sucking failure. That’s the only sensible reason for the massive battery loss (remember the "mod" for the first one to turn off 3G so you could go 24 hrs w/o a charge!).

  18. davidm says:

    When I try the "#1546792#" approach mentioned above, I don’t get the menu – but rather a simple notifcation that says "Failed".

    Any suggestions?

  19. phonegodess says:

    Intersting that everyone has so many problems.  I have had my BJII since February and I get almost 3 days out of it.  I did find that it I went in and worked on the power management menu and tweaked a couple of things it would start to consume the battery life faster.  Who needs that damn thing to chrip all night for emails anyways! 🙂

  20. DJ says:

    I’m getting almost 3 days  between charges with everything up & running: Bluetooth, 3G, DirectPush etc.  The only thing I did was turn off the irritating email & text msg notifications.

  21. Matt says:

    Great phone. Battery life is not so good. I get 5 hours with moderate use. I used to have Pearl and that was golden in terms of battery life in comparison to this!

  22. paul says:

    I’ve had my BJ II for 3 weeks now.  I have a program called ‘Good’ which syncs my email. It does not drain the battery at all.  But I had my first issue last night, I left my phone on without charging it, and had a bunch of new text messages and calendar reminders and when I woke up, the battery was dead… presumably from the text alerts and the reminders going all night long.  Charging it right now via car charger, I’ll get it after an hour and see how it goes.

  23. Don Brown says:

    My BJII lasted half a day.  I took it back and they gave me a new battery.  It was worse than the original.  I went to a different ATT store and I have a cure.

    1. Press and hold the home button

    2.  press the menu button

    3.  Select "stop all"

    Your programs will then be running only when you need them

  24. Jay says:

    Do these fixes for turning off 3G not work or do thet work???

  25. JenEd says:

    My BJII lasted half a day.  I took it back and they gave me a new battery.  It was worse than the original.  I went to a different ATT store and I have a cure.

    1. Press and hold the home button

    2.  press the menu button

    3.  Select "stop all"

    Your programs will then be running only when you need them

    I followed these steps, but still want my email program to run. How do I reverse this?

  26. JJ says:

    BJ II battery life is terrible with Bluetooth!

  27. Lynda Morse says:

    The battery life is terrible on this phone!!! Not at all as advertised.  I am on my second battery and still cannot get a day out of the battery.  Previously I had a Blackberry – an OLD Blackberry and got a WEEK on a charge!!!  Seems the technology is out there, but BlackJack just chooses not to use it!!! At my first opportunity I will switch back to a reliable phone.

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