The journey of WCF Store and Forward

David Kline from the NETCF team just published a an in-depth tour of his personal experience working on the Lunch Launcher demo application that was shown all around the world at the various MEDC events. Lunch Launcher was built to demonstrate a scenario where one would like to perform peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging in a very unstable environment (mobile networks) using the power of Windows Communications Foundation (WCF).

He has broken down the journey into 9 parts.

The Journey of the Lunch Launcher
Part 1 - The origins of the 'lunch launcher'
Part 2 - MEDC 2007
Part 3 - Managing the Transport
Part 4 - Sending messages
Part 4b - The output channel
Part 5 - Receiving messages
Part 6 - Processing messages
Part 7 - The Lunch Manager
Part 8 - What did I learn?


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