Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 launched

*phew* I had to take a deep breath before saying it. What's with the super long names nowadays? I think a better name would be, Microsoft Device Manager or it's old internal codename (for those of you who know what it is).

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This is one of the most sought after and asked for solutions by Enterprise Customers these days looking to allow their employees to use mobile devices to enhance their work, from Line of Business solutions to messaging and collaboration. Once you introduce a new platform and device that is able to connect to your corporate data, you want to make sure that these devices are authenticated and that you have the ability to track, provision and manage them from remote. That is what SCMDM does.

Here's the short short version of the feature list:

  • Active Directory/Group Policy Domain Join

  • Mobile VPN with Dual Factor Authenticated Access

  • Communications and Camera Disablement with Active Directory Group Policy-based Targeting

  • Application Allow and Deny

  • Device Encryption

  • OTA Device Provisioning and Bootstrapping

  • OTA Software Deployment

  • Device Inventory and Reporting

  • Helpdesk Console and Role-Based Administration

  • Device Wipe

You can read more about this product here :


*Update: and I forgot to emphasize VPN. That is HUGE for customers who intend to provide employees to access data on their internal network. Today going through operators, you'd have to build external facing sites that live in the DMZ in order to get that done, but with VPN, you get to access all of your internal resources via a secure channel over any operator's network. Saweet!


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  1. Ammon says:

    This really is an awesome product for enterprises. I hope everybody likes it!

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