Mobile Killer App = Chess?

Just came across this article betavine:

Kevin Smith is the member of the Vodafone R&D team and has just made a blog post about the Killer App for mobile is Chess. He argues that turn-based gaming will be huge because of its non-dependence on being real-time.

I agree.

Multiplayer (both Competitive and Co-operative) games that are turn-based can benefit from using the phone capabilities to transport data (eg. SMS, GPRS etc). SMS is a GREAT way of sending and receiving data between applications easily and if games use this, operators will be happy given that SMS is going to be worth USD100 BILLION by end of 2007.

I'm definitely impartial to Chess (Actually I HATE IT!) but I'd love to see games like Battlemail (remember the craze many years ago?), Civilization, the SSI Gold box games, AD&D games that were amazing, Fallout 2 to name a few. All these games can be easily converted to mobile. On top of that, have the presence and friend discovery features connected to XBOX Live or any of the popular game matching services like MSN, Steam, Gamespy and others.

What other multiplayer turn-based games do you think would be fun to have? here's a few I'd like to see, please comment and add more:

  1. Scrabble
  2. Mahjong (the REAL mahjong not the puzzle crap)
  3. Uno
  4. Bridge
  5. Magic Big 2 (popular in Asia)
  6. Texas Hold'em (of course)
  7. Tinywarz
  8. and those old Play-by-mail games.
Comments (2)

  1. Ammon says:

    Definitely. Asynchronous is the new synchronous. I’d like to be able to play a game with my friends — just make a move whenever I get a chance to look at my phone.

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