Visually Stunning User Interfaces – Coding Competition

One of the activities on the OpenNETCF Community site is a monthly coding competition where developers can submit code and win cool prizes at the end of every month. Here's the theme for September's contest:

Visually Stunning User Interfaces

I LOVE it. It's about time someone started some activity around building super cool looking apps on Windows Mobile. It's not that the platform can't allow you to build a nice interface, we're just too techie to dabble in "Art" aspect of GUI development. All we build is cool looking square controls that have white backgrounds and ugly unanti-aliased text.

I wish I had the time to join them!! Can't wait to see the submissions.


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  1. Ammon says:

    This is great! I can’t wait to see what comes out of this competition.

  2. <quote>

    With the recent introduction of the iPhone, all of the buzz lately seems to be about visually stunning user interfaces


    IMHO the "coolness" of the iPhone UI don’t came only from the visual side of it.

    A good UI must be graphically pleasant but must also be intuitive and responsive.

    On Douglas Norman’s "the design of everyday things" he talks about a multi-purpose device that can do many things: playing CDs, wake you up as an alarm clock, toast your bread etc.

    He says that designing a user interface for such a device is crazy because the idea of such a device is crazy.

    Today mobile phones are close to that crazy device and it seems that apple has managed (once again!) to create a UI that allow you to do all the activities you need in a simple and intuitive way.

    To do that they don’t rely only on good graphics. Graphics is stunning, but they used also a different approach to touch screen technology and they even forced the connectivity provider to change the way it handles voicemail (IIRC) to make it "compatible" with the rest of the user experience.

    Graphics is great to make good screenshots for the website and the brochures, but it’s the  user experience that will make a device a good companion or a nightmare.

    Abuse of unintuitive icons, cryptic or user-blaming error message etc. are a plague of PC software that reached also the mobile/embedded world! 🙂

    Another good example of a good (and different) UI is the nintendo WII.

    Its graphics is far worse than that of the xbox or ps3 but it’s controller and the way it’s used in games make it a better "experience" and quite a different way of playing videogames.

    The wii look like a "step forward" more than the new release of the other two consoles, even if they are a bigger step forward in terms of processing speed and image quality.

    I understand that since the competition is focused on components and not full applications or devices, visual "coolness" is the only thing that can be judged easily, but I would like to see more care for UI consistence and east of use inside WM and Windows CE documentation.

  3. mobilenet says:

    which programming language need to use? c#?

  4. Joe says:

    So where’s the visually stunning windows mobile?  No word on Proton recently.

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