My first WiMo

I'll be leaving for Kuala Lumpur on the 7th for TechEd SEA and have 2 sessions to present there. While I'm there, they've asked me to present to the academia on Windows Mobile and Robotics. So I went out and got a Lego Mindstorm NXT set and went to the Brian Cross's WiMoBot site for the assembly instructions.

The main bot chassis took me over an hour thanks to his clear instructions. The software however took me a while to get running. It has many moving parts.

  1. Lego NXT Code
  2. WiMo NETCF Code
  3. Robotic Studio DSS services

The way this works is you use a GUI designed to work with the Coordination and Concurrency Runtime (CCR) to communicate with the robotic studio Decentralized System Services (DSS) which in turn will talk to the Windows Mobile NETCF application on the phone via bluetooth. The NETCF app will use bluetooth to send instructions to the Lego NXT brick to execute the pre-installed RBT files to move the servos or receive signals from its sensors.

This is how my final WiMoBot looks like. And yes, that is an actual Windows Mobile 6 SDK CD.


*UPDATE* I've changed the phone from a HTC Cavalier to a HTC Star Trek to emphasize that a PHONE is powering this robot. The Clamshell form factor looks more like a phone than the QWERTY phone.

Comments (9)

  1. Ammon says:

    I like it? What can it do? Can it fetch beer yet?

  2. Loke Uei says:

    I’m working on a beer fermenter robot that takes yeast, hops, barley and water and outputs either pale, amber or dark beer. Pretty sweet 🙂

  3. joe says:

    looks real cool – but is this just a mobile 6 cd or do you have mobile6 on the StrTrk?

  4. Loke Uei says:

    haha it’s just the CD. the Star Trek unfortunately runs on WM5 🙁

  5. Vroooooom says:

    Lego? Why, you going back to your childhood days already?


  6. Loke Uei says:

    hahah because you took all my lego when we were growing up 😉

  7. ethanliew says:

    really coool.. first time saw it in your presentation at TechED SEA!

  8. C’est le mélange détonnant auquel Loke s’est essayé. Voyez plutôt le résultat . Il s’agit d’un Wimobot,

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