New to Wine? Interested to learn more?


I've been a fan of Winelibrary TV for a while now and I find the videos very entertaining and learned a TON about wine from them. If you're new to wine like I am, checkout Gary Vaynerchuk's series of videos for beginners covering topics such as :

  1. Remember, wine is all about FUN.
  2. How to taste wine.
  3. Do wine glasses affect the taste of wine?
  4. What will decanting wine do?
  5. Will temperature affect wine?
  6. All about Wine Ratings.
  7. How to train your wine palate. (the original video that led to the famous Conan O'Brien's episode)
  8. Do wine Vintages matter?
  9. What is Old World and New World wines?


"You, with a little bit of me, we're changing the wine world. Whether you like it or not" - Gary V

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