Iliumsoft’s new ListPro 5.0


Seriously, when I first got word of this software, I was wondering what can I do with an application that helps me manage lists. I'm not much of a "manage my life using lists" person, but what I found really useful is the library of template of (some people will call it useless information) important / Interesting data, for instance the list of French Wines, or the Star Trek Voyager Episode guide and the very useful Shopping lists. I find these templates strangely useful, with the added support for images, the experience is pretty cool.

Here's what's new in version 5.0

  1. Get more out of the Notes Pane with new formatting options like changing fonts, the text size, and format your text in bold, underline, or italics
  2. Adding pictures to lists. Great for collections, contact lists, or any item that you want to associate with an image
  3. Embed URL links within notes
  4. Bullet points and item numbering in your notes
  5. Share lists with friends or post them to your website with the new HTML export feature
  6. Turn any list into a news feed using the new RSS/XML export option
  7. Send lists to any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone instantly with just one-click.
  8. Take important files with you - link images and documents to your lists and publish them to your mobile device using the Linked Files Folder
  9. More than 25 new templates including approved templates for Getting Things Done(r) by David Allen and Star Trek Voyager Episode guide.

They have versions for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Smartphone, Palm OS and for the Desktop PC. Find out more here :

My only feature request is to allow lists to be created or updated by importing RSS / OPML feeds. That way someone can maintain a list of Magic the Gathering card prices (for example) and have subscribers to this RSS feed get automatic updates for the prices.

Some might argue that you should use a database and webservices for that but then again, ListPro is for non-developer types who just want some order in their lives 🙂

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