Aceeca releases their new ruggedized device on Windows CE 5.0


Just received an email from Alex from Aceeca and they have announced that their upcoming rugged handheld computer will run on Windows CE 5.0. Here's the full email:

After months of hard work, we at Aceeca, are pleased to announce that we will soon be offering you a choice of hardware platforms and operating systems, with the imminent release of two additional Meazura rugged handheld computers.

On Friday 17th August 2007, detailed information of our two new devices and their exciting new features will be posted on Aceeca's web site at

For those of you craving MORE POWER (isn'teveryone?) and BRIGHT COLORS, the new MEZ1500 and the MEZ2000 will allow for the development of even more exciting handheld computing solutions targeted at the enterprise and industrial markets.

To whet your appetites, how do: TFT color display (daylight readable), choice of PXA270 processor, choice of memory size, MZIO expansion and IP67 waterproofing and sealing sound? Both of the new devices will support WinCE and Linux.

OK, so you are thinking: “No big deal, there are already plenty of color devices on the market”. Well how about all of the above starting at an incredibly low list price of US$549.00?

Amazing! - We think so too.

The MEZ1500 is due to ship in production quantities by December 2007. However, if you wish to assist us with field trials prior to the release date then please register at

Registering does not place you under any obligation and ensures you are kept up to date with progress. All field trial participants will be eligible for some great discounts, plus we will be giving away a significant number of devices to selected customers - and not just the big guys. The giveaways are obviously limited so register early.

Now, a couple of very important messages to our existing customers and our developers. Firstly, please be assured that the new devices are NOT replacements for the existing MEZ1000. Our reliable, low cost, long battery run time, Palm OS4 based MEZ1000, continues to satisfy the requirements of an expanding customer base. It's a very healthy market. Long live the MEZ1000!

Secondly, developers are Aceeca's lifeblood.

Aceeca will continue to provide as much assistance as possible to ensure the ongoing creation of successful Meazura based solutions.To further assist and encourage developers, we will be releasing significant amounts of source code for our software over the coming weeks, e.g. the Wedge. The release of the source code will commence as soon as we resolve licensing issues that will enable us to provide the code without compromising our intellectual property.

Sorry, but we can't give you the source code for Palm OS 4 as it does not belong to us! So... remember August the 17th. If you are not already excited, we think you will be once you see more details. And please, don't forget to log on and register if you wish to join in the field trials.

Best Regards,

Alex Topschij


Aceeca Limited

What I like is their outreach to developers and their willingness to share their source code with the community to build really integrated scenarios for rugged handheld computing.

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