Viewing PDF without Adobe

I know most of us use PDF files, they're everywhere. Quotations, letters, even our flight schedules from our travel agent comes in PDF format. It's always a pain when we're on the road and we can't open these documents with our phones when we're checking in at the airport. We always have to print it out, or break out our laptops to get the details. Here's an alternative to Adobe's PDF Reader:

Foxit Software

Foxit Software creates and publishes an alternative reader for PDF documents. They have support for reading and creating PDF documents and other add-ons. You'll find that they also publish a Windows Mobile version of their PDF reader.

So if your Windows Mobile device doesn't have the Adobe PDF reader, don't fret, get one from Foxit here :

and if you use Outlook a lot, you can get a preview handler that's built by Foxit and a good friend, Tim Heuer at this blog:

it allows you to quickly preview PDF files without having to open it separately.

Foxit PDF Preview Handler

Comments (2)

  1. Ramjee says:

    I have been using foxit for a long time. Pretty good.

    The best thing about it, very light on resources. Very fast to startup. And does not pester you with updates and restarts.

    (To the extant I have removed my adobe pdf reader from my machine.)

    (Infact adobe reminds be real player, which was a pain to use!)

  2. John Dowdell says:

    Most non-Adobe PDF renderers do pretty good on PDF 1.0 files.

    Anything after 1994, though, and they start to pick and choose which parts of the format to support.

    Before saying "pdf is pdf so use this", ask which standards each actually supports:


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