Microsoft Roundtable

Was late for a meeting today and just when I stepped into the room, I see this funny silver contraption placed right in the middle of the huge rectangle meeting table in room 2389. For the next few minutes, the geek in me took over and started fiddling around with this gadget until Kristi, the meeting chair snapped me out of it.


It's the new Microsoft Office Roundtable, a 360°USB camera that has a panoramic view of the meeting room and is able to determine which camera image it should be showing based on the direction of an audio source, for instance, someone's voice. So what happens is, when a person is speaking, it knows where the sound is coming from and chooses the right camera so show. Internally it has 5 cameras and 6 directional mics. Here's a full review of this product.

The Roundtable camera wasn't connected unfortunately, so I couldn't see it in action. Someone invite me for more meetings!!!

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