Reisen nach Berlin

Finally we're done with MEDC China. Only one more event to go and we're home. We're on our way to Berlin today and should arrive in the evening. Rob, Dietz, Derek and Brian will arrive earlier because they're flying on Lufthansa and I'm on KLM with a 6 hour transit in Amsterdam.


Gonna be a long flight, but I got a new toy to play with, so that'll ease the trip a bit.


one of the things we do a lot on these trips is to sample local cuisine, and we had a very adventurous time in Beijing with the Mongolian Hotpot and the raw "phoenix claw". *eww*

Looking forward to trying German food. Anyone has any recommendations for what we should not miss when in Berlin? Any good restaurants and/or specific types of food we should try?

Comments (2)

  1. Mae says:

    that phone! hope you give reviews 🙂

  2. Edward Chua says:

    Is that the Touch?

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