Mobility at the Ming’s Tomb and more

The Mobility Developer Marketing team took a short tour yesterday to visit the Great Wall of China and the Ming Emperor's Tomb. Here are some pictures:

Da Crew in front of the "Soul Tower" just in front of the burial mound (more like a small hill) where the 3rd Ming emperor is buried.


View from the Soul Tower:


Derek, Rob, John and Brian, on the Great Wall:


yes yes. Have to be careful of the people in our frontage, they might all be asleep:


Three old folks being mocked by two boys for our lack of stamina:


We have to do our part to help fend of marauding barbarians who are crazy enough to scale the steep cliffs just to reach the wall, not to mention climb over it:


Told you the TSA were right to confiscate water bottles before you board on the plane, those are dangerous weapons.

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