Blazingly fast Internet in China

We just got into China this morning and after traveling 20 hours, I couldn't wait to check into the hotel. I left my laptop downloading some files while I took a well needed shower and when I got out, this was on my screen.


Maybe it's just during the wee hours of the morning but what sweet speeds they have here. My apologies to the rest who are staying here for hogging the bandwidth 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Michael says:

    What kinds of ISPs do you usually use that’d make 5.6Mbps look attractive? : Home DSL should hit that pretty easily, and I’d hope youre office speeds would be at least 2-5x that :).

  2. Guest says:

    Um I'm sorry. but I get much faster speeds than that in Canada. I can sometimes reach 10mb/s that's about 10000kb/s. And I'm pretty sure my house in China can go MUCH faster than that :/

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