Windows XP = Mission Critical Software

Don't believe it? Look at this:

Picture take from a TV screen of the Houston Mission Control Center. Look at the screen on the top right:


Close-up of the same screen on shown on TV a while later:


Doesn't the icons on the top right and bottom left remind you of something? 😉

Software being used in Mission Control. How much more Mission Critical can you get.

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  1. During my daily reading this afternoon, the following post on caught my eye. Apparently

  2. SR says:

    Yes, i won’t buy Vista 🙂

  3. tzywen says:

    wow, that’s amazing! I’m running the same os that nasa uses to launch its shuttles 😀

  4. Sciberras says:

    I'm actually amused by the commenter and the comments since no one seems to know what s/he's talking about.

    Windows XP is not "mission critical software" it's merely the shell or eye candy.

    Underneath it there's a realtime OS probably (solaris or unix) which does the actual processing.

    Happens that in truth "mission critical software" doesn't come with fancy GUIs – and for good reason, they're the to respond to  failures, calculating and handling lots of data etc not drawing some button.

    In short, if XP decided to take a break, they'd just resort to the old simplistic UI and everything keeps on going  normally.

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