New Blog from the Hopper Team

The guys in the Hopper Team has put together a very useful blog for Mobile Developers who have issues with Application Stability. You can learn about Hopper and how to use it to its fullest potential.

*Caution* - This blog is very technical.

Comments (3)

  1. jinglu1977 says:

    It’s hardly to find an article on how to analyze the log of Hopper. For example, what is "connect state", how do I know which application fails to be launched? How those call stacks are gonna help and etc. etc.

    It would be very helpful if the team can write something on Hopper’s log.

  2. kishor_2520000 says:

    Hi, could anyone please explain how can we decide the application has failed the hopper test?  

    EX: Build = 17945 (OS 1438)(Hop 2.0.16,6225).

    Random Seed = 143563.

    Previous runtime = 23 mins (0 hrs 23 mins).

    Ended by: Failed to launch application!

    Boot count (prev): 7 (6) Reset since last run!

    ACTIONS/min = 17

    Total States = 8  

    In the above log, exit type is "Failed to launch application" . What does it mean and how to find it is because of the application which we have tested on?



  3. .... says:

    Can any one explain the Boot count and Random seed means in hopper log.

    Glog analysis…

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