HTC introduces the "Touch"

Ok not the lame movie starring Michelle Yeoh, but the new HTC device that will be announced today starting in UK on the "Elf" platform. Checkout the official Press Release here :

This is an interesting device which has a very smooth screen and a very sleek form factor that just feels really good in your hands. Upon holding it, it reminds you of the popularity of the O2 Mini device that was launched many years ago in South East Asia. That device just feels right and works very well, and I feel this has the same winning characteristics as the O2 mini.


HTC has also introduced a custom homescreen, called TouchFLO, that is designed for one finger navigation, bright big buttons with cool "effects" and animations. You have to see it to understand it's elegance.

Undoubtedly many of you will compare it to the upcoming Apple iPhone but rest assured, we're much more than just a pretty device. Under the hood is a Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system that rocks for enterprise messaging and Line of Business application use. Windows Mobile 6 also comes with the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and SQL Server Compact Edition in ROM which means ANYONE can build powerful applications on this device easily using the familiar Visual Studio tools unlike Apple's decision to make the iPhone a closed platform. I'm sure they're still wrangling with the issues (such as security) of opening up the device to external developers.

I definitely think the white version looks cleaner and sexier, don't you think so?

* UPDATES: Checkout the video of TouchFLO here :


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  1. Edward Chua says:


    Just ask, what is your "personal" opinion about this "Touch"? Thinking to get it probably soon since it is having a promotion in Malaysia for RM2K with 1GB SD free..

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