Coming down with something..

And I blame it entirely on the bad vegetables that they served in TechEd at lunch time. I remember biting into them and they tasted a little sour. Now, I'm down with mild food poisoning (I think), with fever, flu, upset stomach and feeling very drowsy. Thank god I made it back to the hotel safely. I hope I can recover quick to deliver my presentation on Thursday. Sigh. what a time to get sick.

I'm doing all I can to try to recover, here's what I bought today to help.


Airborne, Airborne for bottled water, Pepto Bismol and Nyquil for the fever and flu. See you guys tomorrow, hopefully feeling better then

*UPDATE : Feeling much better now, Nyquil rocks. It knocked me out last night and woke up with a slight drowsy feeling. Off to the convention center I go.



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