Tornado in Singapore?

Unbelievable. We just witness a very rare occurrence of a tornado just off the southern coast of Singapore. It ripped right through some vessels and tankers off the harbor. Here are some pics we took from Microsoft Singapore's office of this Waterspout.


Enlarged view and a size comparison with an Oil Tanker.


and the video:



Comments (11)

  1. dreymer says:

    So twister wei..

  2. Zaihan K. says:

    Please do not try to create hype in your post by saying "ripped through" when you don’t know if any damage was done at all.

    Sometimes when even low speed whirlwinds form over water bodies, they create water spouts which don’t do much wind damage at all.

  3. Loke Uei says:

    wow touchy!! take it easy man.. you need a break.

    i was staring right at it as it ripped through the water through the line of ships/boats.. whether it caused damage or not, doesn’t matter.

    where were you?


  4. kiasu says:


  5. Shaun Apple says:

    I’m from Florida where we use to get waterspouts (not "tornadoes") all the time. I’m pretty surprised to see one near Singapore. That must be rare indeed.

  6. wilson says:

    hmm..the tornado don seen moving  =/

  7. Bodoh~ness says:

    Nature’s at it’s best~! The world is gettin stranger and stranger everyday~! Who knows maybe next there will be snowing in singapore and spring in the north pole??

  8. Lisa says:

    We saw one on August 14, 2007 while waiting for a flight from Singapore to Chiangmai…so not so unusual.

  9. qiiin! says:

    ouh..woahh..tornado here in singapore..? woahh!

  10. PPP says:

    Isn’t this a waterspout, not a tornado? The two terms aren’t interchangeable, are they?

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