In Singapore again for Mobility Touchdown II

This week we're running another 3 day workshop for those customers and partners that we couldn't reach the last time round. Andre Ngo will be the trainer and the workshop will be in the Microsoft Singapore's Innovation Center.

Just got into Singapore before heading over to Taiwan next week and I'm staying at this interesting hotel called New Majestic (sounds so Ah Beng). It's a boutique hotel that's part of the Design Hotel's collection. I first found this hotel in the Cool hunter blog and wanted to stay here ever since. Here's how my room looks like:

70518-145635 70518-145708

The room is called Wayang (or Film) and according to the sign outside the room:

Wayang: by Glen Goei (Film and Theatre Director)

From the red silk walls to the customized calligraphy panels, Glen's room is inspired by legendary Chinese film-director, Zhang Yimou's movies such as Raise the Red Lantern and Ju Dou.

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  1. Serene says:

    That room just looks tooooooo opulent. Wah. How can you sleep in it? =)

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