OFONE: It was first shown at MEDC not MIX!

Someone needs to get this right. The OFONE gag video was first shown at the Mobile and Embedded Conference (MEDC2007) in Las Vegas. Most of you readers know this but many on youtube and readers of Businessweek will not. Derek Snyder, who was the creator of this video will be posting a video response soon to set things straight. here are some facts:

  1. Yes it was originally conceived and created by our team in the Mobile Communications Business.

  2. It was created to talk about the problems associated to building apps for different form factors. something many developers and designers should be aware of.

  3. It was leaked by someone else, not Microsoft.

  4. It was used in Robbie Bach's keynote at MEDC 2007.

  5. and yes it will most surely blend!

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