Bootleg MEDC Session Videos online!

Paul Mooney carried a laptop and video camera and recorded as many sessions as he could at MEDC Las Vegas last week. I applaud his tenacity and passion for doing this and we are very thankful to him.

Checkout his videos on his blog :

I'm very proud of the session that Daniel Wagner delivered which scored the highest in the conference in terms of attendee satisfaction. Kudos to Daniel. Click picture below to play video:


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  1. paul says:

    I’m glad Daniel got the top score on the MEDC poll, dispute the security guards interruption.

    I was so looking forward to this session having seen a video on Channel9  about Augmented Reality.

    I recorded a session in the same room just before lunch and began encoding the file while also charging my camcorder battery. I ran to the dining hall to grab some lunch and when I returned my laptop and charging battery were gone…  

    I first asked Danial, then the AV guy, but they had only just arrived, so I ran into the hall and asked the very same security guard who later interrupted the session where I could find the conference office. I then had to tell him about my missing laptop, so he had me take him back into the room so he too could ask Daniel and the AV guy the same questions I had. He then looked at me as if I were making the whole story up. He then led me down one hall then another till we eventually got to the conference office. They looked at me as if they didn’t know what I was talking about, but then said Oh that laptop, go ask at Information by the registration booths. So we go there again they don’t want to know anything about any laptop, we go to the small office by registration, again blank looks. Then I ran behind the Information counter and found it.

    A young woman from Windows Mobile PR wanted to explain to me why they had removed my laptop, but I tried to tell her that I was encoding a video file and was now late for the next session.

  2. Loke Uei says:

    Paul: hope it wasn’t too much of a problem for you, we definitely regret how it was handled. You know these days with security being a primary concern, anything left behind is really suspicious.

    Thanks for doing this. did you record more videos?

  3. paul says:

    Thanks Lokeuei, that was the 16th MEDC video I recorded and there was one more session after that.

    It was a challenge to get all the sessions I attended, as I was just a guy with a laptop and camcorder.

    What do you think of the choices I made? It’s an interesting mix from what was an excellent MEDC.

    I have many more cool videos at;

    Hope to do more at TechEd, if you need someone to record MEDC Europe let me know….

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