New Books on Windows Mobile Development

Thanks Rob for sending this list over. here are some new books that you can already order that covers Windows Mobile development, .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and SQL Server Compact Edition. Cool Stuff!

    1. Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming – Covers NETCFv2 + SSCE + Smartphone by Baijian Yang, Pei Zheng, Lionel M. Ni
    2. SQL Server 2005 Bible – Paul Nielsen & a Chapter on SSCE by Darren Shaffer
    3. Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook – Covers NETCFv2 + SSCE +WM dev by Andy Wigley , Peter Foot , Daniel Moth
Comments (2)

  1. DanielMoth says:

    Thanks Loke 🙂

    Note that our book, in addition to NETCF v2.0 and VS2005, also covers aspects of Visual Studio "Orcas" and NETCF v3.5 as of Beta 1. It does that throughout the book but also with a dedicated chapter 😉

  2. afriza says:

    Hi, what books are good for Native Windows Mobile Development (PPC)?


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