Memphis Mobility Touchdown Workshop – Complete

Got the opportunity to take a class picture of all the attendees and instructors for the Mobility Touchdown class yesterday because one of our instructors, Jennifer has to leave in the evening. We took this picture as proof to her boss that she was actually here and doing work as intended 🙂

Thanks to all the workshop attendees from FedEx, Autozone, HomeCare HomeBase, DevSource, ScheduleU, Arvatech and Zix Corp.

Some of the questions and issues that were brought up:

  • Disconnected Service Agent
    • Can DSA resubmit the webservice calls with a higher "stamp" when an old method call times out?
    • We should be able to not only test for Message Stamps VS Connection Cost, but to also test for Message Sensitivity VS Secured/UnSecured connections. (eg. WiFi in Starbucks is considered Unsecured)
  • Native Code Interop - calling .NETCF assemblies from C++ (sample code)
  • When are we building Managed C++ for Mobile apps?

We'll post answers at the Mobility Touchdown blog.

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