Rendezvous Rocks

Looks like the Memphis locals are right. Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous has AMAZINGGG dry ribs. The restaurant is in a dungeon in a back alley called General Washburn Escape Ally and tucked away in a nondescript building with 2 neon sign boards being the only landmark near the Peabody Hotel.


As you walk into the restaurant, it's very clear that this place is serious about meat. The odor of smoked pork assaults you as you make your way deep into the lower area of the restaurant underground. I was loving every minute of it. Jon ordered a nice starter with seasoned spicy andouille sausages, cheese, jalapenos and pickles. I had a fullrack of pork ribs with beans, slaw and sweet tea. Very southern and very tasty! For those Asians who know what "char siew" is, imagine that in rib form with special seasoning.


After a nice and very meaty rib dinner.


Time to relax and drink a lot of water, got another two days of workshop to conduct and I don't want to kill my voice!


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  1. I stand corrected. The best BBQ in Memphis is not Rendezvous or Corky’s , it’s at the Commissary in Germantown.

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