Mobility Touchdown near Graceland

I'm at Memphis, Tennessee this week to assist Jon Box and Jennifer Marsman to deliver the 3day Mobility Touchdown workshop at New Horizons. Arrived last night and the first thing I did after dumping my bags at the hotel, is to drive out for some BBQ!! The folks in this area are VERY proud of their BBQ and according to them, it is the best tasting BBQ in the US. Again, that's a very contested fact, I've heard folks in Texas say theirs is the best etc. etc.

Since BBQ is such a big deal here, I needed to try the best and see what it's all about. Jon has put his reputation on the line and recommended that I visit Corky's BBQ on Poplar Ave, and I did just that.


I had a BBQ and Pulled Pork Combo. I had a "dry" BBQ (as opposed to the "wet" BBQ), and yes they're right! the BBQ and pork was delish! The meat practically fell off the bones.

I've heard of another BBQ place called Blue's City Cafe, but couldn't find it last night, perhaps I should pay them a visit tonight 🙂


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  1. Now, now, are you *sure* that Jennifer is okay with this photo going out to the big bad internet?  I’m just saying is all.  🙂

    FWIW, the Rendezvous downtown has the best dry ribs around.  Plus, you get to tool around Beale, which has a certain charm as well.



  2. Loke Uei says:

    That’s where were going TONIGHT! 🙂 since the whole class voted us to go eat at Rendezvous.

  3. I definitely recommend Rendezvous.

    Tell Jon that Mickey Gousset says hello! 🙂

  4. I stand corrected. The best BBQ in Memphis is not Rendezvous or Corky’s , it’s at the Commissary in Germantown.

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