Microsoft announces "Silverlight"


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Microsoft Silverlight

At the National Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas today, Microsoft will the new vision for creating, managing and experiencing content on all platforms, be it the desktop, web or mobile. Microsoft Silverlight is the new name for Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPF/E). It allows developers to create and users to consume Silverlight applications on Macintosh or Windows operating systems and on multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Here are some features of Silverlight:

    • Rich interactive experiences and applications on the Web
    • Robust vector-based graphics and overlays
    • Unmatched video and audio quality from HD to mobile
    • Simple, in-place installer for Silverlight browser plug-in
    • Device support

Other components of Silverlight will include updated Expression tools, a Expression Media Encoder that support WMV and VC-1 video standards. One of the things you'll quickly see is sites using Silverlight will be able to deliver 720p HD content to the masses like Soapbox / Youtube. Checkout the feature comparison chart:



.NET 3.0


Rich 2D animation/graphics with audio and video




Industry standard video codec




Scalable video format from HD to mobile




Hardware-assisted editing and encoding solutions




XML (XAML)-based presentation layer for SEO




Choice of standards-based and high-performance languages




End-to-end server and application platform




Media server licensing (unlimited bandwidth)




Content access protection (DRM)




Client side playlists for ad-insertion




Robust video publishing tools and 3rd party ecosystem




High-performance, multi-core enabled client




Scalable full screen video up to HD (720p)




Native support for device-based video




Offline, document support




Client size




Supported operating systems






Here's an excerpt:

Microsoft Silverlight, Expression Media Encoder and Tarari Encoder Accelerator will be shown in Microsoft Booth SL3213, in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Microsoft’s broader development platform and additional details about Silverlight will be shared in the keynote presentation at Microsoft’s upcoming Mix07 conference, April 30 in Las Vegas.

Microsoft will also release the beta for Silverlight during the Mix07 conference. More information about the Mix07 event can be found at

Download the more materials here:

Fact Sheets

Microsoft Silverlight official website : (not up yet, perhaps in a day or two)

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  1. Over at Loke’s blog there is some news about Microsoft Silverlight : "At the National Association of

  2. You’ve heard snippets of details about what this thing code-named "WPF/e" could do, maybe even downloaded

  3. New "flash killer" is here and this time it’s serious. Today at NAB conference, Microsoft announced and

  4. msdn Austria says:

    Auf der NAB Konferenz in Las Vegas wurde der neue Produktname, sowie weitere Details über die neueste

  5. Those of you, who visited my session on Windows Presentation Foundation, hopefully remember speaking

  6. Those naming wizards at Microsoft (aka the marketing department) have been at it again. This time they

  7. Isaac says:

    Hey Loke,

    I got referred by Scobleizer too!  A mention from Robert is worth a thousand traffic.

    Just wondering… can you develop Sliverlight with VS Express?  And… what about the deployment in linux platform?

  8. WMExperts says:

    What’s great about Silverlight, though, it that it’s heavily cross-platform, supporting IE, Firefox, Safari, and – here’s the exiciting part, Windows Today at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters conference (NAB2007), Microsoft

  9. Joe says:


    Isn’t the non-standard language support on the client a secret until Mix?

    RE – Tim Sneath’s blog:

    or is Tim hinting at something else?  I haven’t seen the .NET support announced anywhere else.

  10. Loke Uei says:

    Isaac: yeah you’re right! I gotta buy Scoble a drink one day 😉

    We don’t have the full details about Silverlight and our tools story yet. You’ll probably get all the information at MIX. Don’t miss it.

    Joe: I don’t have the full details about the language support but everything is done via Javascript / AJAX. Obviously if you’re using IIS and ASP.NET in the back as a server, you’ll be able to use the .NET assemblies etc.

    again, more at MIX 🙂 Give you guys a reason to go to Vegas for some fun!

  11. I was going to post how excited I am to see a cool product name like Silverlight follow a somewhat confusing

  12. Igor Macori says:

    Pensando a Microsoft Silverlight , ed agli impatti che comporterà nel disegno delle nuove interfacce

  13. C# Nuggets says:

    As has been blogged all over the place , WPF/E has been renamed Silverlight (Note: lower case 'L').

  14. rd says:

    I think some of these stats are fishy for Flash / Flex.

    XML (XAML)-based presentation layer for SEO: Well not XAML for sure… but MXML based presentation layer for SEO

    Some of the others are debatable.

  15. Ross says:

    Isn’t it a little disingenuous to say that Flash doesn’t support  Industry standard video codec when it in fact support the Industry de-facto web video format?  And complaining that it doesn’t support XAML is like claiming that Silverlight doesn’t support MXML.

    Other than that, an interesting read.

  16. Yesterday we officially unveiled the name for what was previously known as the extremely catchy "WPF/e"

  17. Ed Bradford says:

    This page doesn’t display properly in Mozilla, Firefox or Opera. Checkmarks are displayed as u’s with an umlaut over them. Why is that?

  18. Loke Uei says:

    Perhaps you’re missing the "wingdings" font which is where the Checkmarks come from.

    I’ll switch it to "X" instead to be more "friendly".

  19. Shebanation says:

    So TechMeme is chock full of news about SilverLight, including the patented Microsoft astro-turf announcement technique, where all the Microsoft WPF/Expression employees post the same links to their blog without actually saying anything new and substantive.

  20. AdvancedBlog says:

    Welcome to our new website and new product – RIDE. It has been a hectic number of months here at Advanced

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