More Kiosk / Shell mode info

Rabi's been busy over at his blog and has published a few more posts about enabling "shell" mode or "kiosk" mode on your Windows Mobile device. Here are the permalinks:

  1. WM5 Shells
  2. Lets shell some more
  3. Lets shell some more - Oops
  4. Shells and SSCE at MEDC
  5. Kiosk Pattern

he has also cobbled up all this content and created a breakout session at MEDC 2007, so if you're going to MEDC, make sure you go see him and ask hard questions. He has a wealth of REAL WORLD information to share as he has been working with our largest customers the past few years doing these things.

It is relatively simple, not quite the daunting rocket-science I thought it was before 🙂

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