ZenZui Launched

As reported in TechCrunch, ZenZui just launched and is aimed at providing a more prominent way of marketing applications via devices ("getting on the deck"). Here's a snippet from TechCrunch's post:

ZenZui’s zooming user interface was initially developed by Microsoft’s Redmond Research lab, and was spun off into it’s own company. In partnership with Microsoft IP Ventures, the company received $12 million in Series A funding from SeaPoint Ventures and other investors, with Microsoft retaining a stake in the company.

The whole service is a a clever way to increase deck placement on mobile phones. Deck placement is the set of default applications that come on mobile phones. It’s the most coveted space on your mobile and distribution through deck placement makes or breaks most mobile apps. Currently deck placement is hard to come by because it’s determined by carriers at the highest levels and often includes some revenue sharing. ZenZui application has essentially turned one spot into 36 (they hope to make it 1000).

Interesting, I hope they'll support XAML gadgets and AJAX widgets on their platform.

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