How to get from 48 to 42 in 6 months without going to the gym.

Some of you have asked about my diet so here are my 5 tips for losing 6 inches in 6 months without exercise. (Note: NOTHING beats exercise. But if you're lazy, this guide might work for you).


1. Be and Stay Happy

Enough can't be said about this. In order to do anything well, you have to be in the right state of mind to either start dieting or start doing something with your life. Even more so when you want to start attempting a diet. Being happy gives you confidence and drive to start dieting. Being happy also keeps your willpower up to continue to diet when things start to go south. Your willpower will be tested everyday, your body will scream and claim hunger. Being happy and doing things that make you happy, keeps your mind off these negative thoughts.


2. Cut carbs

The diet I used is derived from the popular Atkin's Diet. You don't actually have follow it to the dot because it's almost impossible to maintain a ZERO carb diet. Let yourself have some carbs but avoid it as much as you can. Being Asian, that's easy for me, we're Rice freaks anyway so I stopped my rice, bread and potatoes intake. I eat a lot of meats and vegetables. If you're dining out and you can't avoid it, it's ok but don't make carbs a mainline diet. My brother went on a similar diet when we were very young and plump, because he couldn't get the girls. It worked so well for him and landed many hot girlfriends in the following years. I should've followed him then. 😉


3. Soups are good

Soups are your friend. Soups are tasty. Soups also contain a lot of water, and makes you feel full every time you have a big bowl. Soups trick your mind into thinking that you're full and satisfied. After a while, you'll quickly feel hungry again which leads to no. 4. My favorite soup is Clam Chowder (yes the thick white ones).


4. Always feel hungry

One of the most important things about going on a diet, is to lower your expectations (there are two). The first, is to tell yourself that the normal state of mind is to feel slightly hungry. Feeling hungry is good. You don't have to feel like you're starving, but just slightly hungry, enough to make you think about going to get a snack. When you accept that this is the "normal" state of mind, then you won't feel the need to snack and your body will silently start burning stored energy (fats) to fuel your body. Many successful dieters will tell you that the trick to dieting is to always feel hungry.


5. Long haul

The second expectation you need to "reset" is that dieting doesn't work immediately. Dieting is a very unfulfilling activity. You won't see yourself getting smaller, you won't feel yourself getting lighter. If you spend too much time tracking your progress, you'll get discouraged and give up very quickly. Instead, just tell yourself, it'll work. I'll check every 3 months. I'll just keep on dieting everyday and don't think about it. Next thing you'll know, you'll find out that you've lost 2 inches off your waist and feel so much better about yourself that you'll go on.

One strategy that works well for me is to distract myself from thinking that I've already lost so much weight. If I don't, I'll get lazy and over confident and perhaps stop my diet for a while or binge a little. I do this by buying slightly smaller jeans. If I wear a size 48, I'll diet for a while (1-2 months) and try to fit into a 46. If I can, I'll continue until I feel my jeans getting loose again and then try a size 44 pair. It's important that you keep your morale high when on a diet.


So there we go. Dieting is not about what you eat, but the state of mind. Many books have been written about the different types of dieting plans and advice. From my point of view, ALL diets work, the most important thing is whether you have the willpower to last.


*Disclaimer: If you don't lose any weight or god forbid, let something bad happen to you because of my post, I'm definitely not responsible. 🙂

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Congrats Loke! I was hoping #6 would somehow be "use a Windows Mobile device on a daily basis" but I guess some diet tips are not meant to be shared. Well, remember to mention your friends when you appear on Dr Phil & Oprah =)

  2. Asther says:

    Now I’ve to persuade darling to take up that diet plan again! And I’ll need to take it up too. Recent check-up said I’ve high cholesterol… higher than last year… so time to lose weight & eat right!

  3. Have to keep on trudging along..

  4. After a month’s hiatus from dieting (was traveling to China and Berlin for MEDC 2007, seriously, no-one

  5. After a month's hiatus from dieting (was traveling to China and Berlin for MEDC 2007, seriously,

  6. Kurt says:

    Congrad on your weight loss!  I took off about 25 lbs on Atkins, but not the dramatic 10 sizes you took off!  Good work.

    Oh, FYI, Atkins is NOT a zero carb diet.  Please read the book.  It is a low carb diet.  A ZERO carb diet will KILL you.  I did about 30-40 grams of carbs daily on Atkins, and lost about a pound a week.



  7. After a month's hiatus from dieting (was traveling to China and Berlin for MEDC 2007, seriously,

  8. Al David says:

    That does sound interesting.  It is the rice that is most difficult to avoid in an asian culture.  Thank goodness i dont like rice just dat when you dont eat rice, your elders think there is something wrong with their food! 🙂

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