MEDC International Dates Final

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Nice, Mike has posted the final dates for MEDC International.

Las Vegas - May 1-3 (April 30th for Pre-Conference tutorials)
India - May 10-12
Australia - May 16
Taiwan - May 29
Korea - May 30
Japan - June 6
Singapore - June 8
China – June 21
Berlin - June 25-26

Visit the official MEDC 2007 site for more updates.


Trivia: MEDC 2007 clashes with another BIG event. What is it?

Comments (5)

  1. Loke Uei says:

    Right Right Right!

    Cesar, send me a mail using the top left email link and i’ll send you a cool t-shirt.

  2. mikehall says:

    and TechEd 2007 !

    – Mike

  3. aminaw says:

    I’m coordinating the MEDC ANZ event and just want to post up the final dates and venue information so any ANZ readers can set the day aside….

    MEDC ANZ will be held 15th May, in Sydney at the Sheraton on the Park. (it was originally the 16th, but we had to change it)

    We’ve got a *great* event planned – more info will be put up on the website over the next week or two and we’ll be opening up onlne registration then as well.

    Love to see you there!

  4. SICK FACE says:

    DONT GO ON IT I DONT KNOW WHAT CHIN PINGCHICHI MEAN                                                                                          BY THE WAY DRAKE MISS ME IS HARD BELIEVE ME YOU WILL LIKE IT HAHAHAHA

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