Benefon to launch Windows Mobile 6 GPS devices in June

I know I'm a little late with this news but it's nice to know that we're beginning to see more Windows Mobile devices from Finland. Benefon announced it will launch three smart devices in the TWIG product line running Windows Mobile 6. Here's a link to their press release.

TWIG Talisman -

  1. Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  2. 2.6" Inch touch screen
  3. Tri-Band GSM/EDGE
  4. 2mp Camera
  5. SiRF Star III GPS

TWIG Totem

  1. Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  3. Touch screen and Numeric Keypad
  4. SiRF Star III GPS
  5. 3mp Camera
  6. BT 2.0

TWIG Monolith

  1. Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  2. WiFi / (no details on tri or quad band or HSDPA)
  3. 2mp Camera
  4. SiRF Star III GPS
  5. BT 1.2

According to Benefon, these devices should be out in June 2007, after MEDC 2007. I'm excited to take a look at these devices and I think EVERY device manufacturer should include GPS functionality as part of the core device features. Only then would we see interesting new location-driven social communities / networks proliferate.

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