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How many of you blog from your mobile device? Not view, but POST.

Personally I've done this about 5 times mostly when there was a power outage all over Washington during the Windstorms a few months ago.

The experience left a stale taste in my mouth, perhaps I'm using a prototype blogging software that Mel Sampat cobbled up during his spare time. It works fine, just that, it's not rich enough and I doubt he'll be adding any new features to it. It's not his primary commitment anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

I've tried Pocket SharpMT and it's COMPLICATED as hell to setup. It's powerful, but there were so many parameters and stuff you need to configure, just too daunting. I'm so afraid that I might set something up wrongly and next thing you know I have a million spam posts on my blog. *shudder*

I'm looking for a simple yet powerful client like the Windows Live Writer software for the PC. I wish the team built a mobile version of that for Windows Mobile devices.

There are a ton of mobile blogging software out there like KABLOG, BlogPlanet, FoneBlog, but for the Palm OS, Symbian or J2ME but nothing for Windows Mobile. Some uses email or SMS for blogging such as Blogger on the Go, WordPress Mobile Plugin.

Or am I missing something? Anyone out there has a decent Mobile Blogging solution that supports most popular blogs (typepad, wordpress, community server, live spaces, blogger?) and can handle links, tags and pictures properly? and I'm not interested in WEB BASED blogging software, I prefer rich clients.

Anyone interested to build one if someone paid you to do it?

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  1. Perry says:

    Dude, if someone writes a decent WM blogging tool I’d be all over it!  Currently I use LiveJournal’s email post feature, which is OK, but it only supports plain text as far as I can tell.  I’d love something that would let me post formatted text and images and whatnot.

  2. a few years ago I made one ( – supported blogger and then spaces, but it could be expanded. I sold the site and havent touched it for a while, it probably doesnt even work anymore, but I do have that code yet, just uses web services to do all the posting, viewing, editing, deleting, but the app is a rich client for pocket pc, using .net compact framework 2.0

  3. Kevin Daly says:

    I’ve written one for Pocket PC and .NET Compact Framework you can get here:

    I’m currently finishing off a version that’s been re-written for .NETCF2 (and also has support for WM5-style menus). The setup options are simpler than for the current version, because the menu options no longer list confusing API choices. Unfortunately I had to drop Blogger support because it was taking up too much of my time trying to keep up with Google’s changes. Anyway, the new version should be out shortly after the release of the WM6 SDK (which I want to test it against).

    The significant added feature of the new version is the ability to save entries for posting or updating later.

    That said, it’s only fair to say that the experience is nowhere near as rich as Windows Live Writer (given that it’s a Compact Framework app, even with interop the RichInk control doesn’t expose enough functionality to be useful for my purposes…so I make do with a multiline TextBox.

  4. JuanDG says:

    I’ve been using diarist for a while and it’s awesome it works great with CS 2.0 and Windows Live. I just logged in to let you know about it, but I say that Kevin Daly himself told you about it. Itโ€™s great, definitely two thumbs up!!!!!

    Kevin my respects!!!! You da’ man!!!!!

  5. Loke Uei says:

    Steve: Do you have the binaries that I can try? perhaps we can revive it.

    Kevin: Cool! I’m gonna try that right now! Do you have support for "Standard/Smartphone"? also, can you send me a mail using the "email" link above (top left) and we can work out that SDK thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Randy says:

    I attribute the complexities of SharpMT (desktop, pocket and phone versions) to the complexities of MT.  One of the reasons why #MT is so tied to MT – besides the fact that it’s what I use for my blog – is that each engine makes some little slight tweaks on the "standard" API’s.  Even MT had one version that would send results in different formats, depending on the OS that was hosting the server – and their resulting API is THE worst formatted XML I’ve ever seen.  Makes XPath useless.

    Of course, when I first wrote the Pocket and Phone versions, there wasn’t any other client out there, really – at least they didn’t support all of the fields that MT offers… for me, they’re mostly just a hobby.  I love the fact that there’s so many other options coming out – it’s one of the reasons why I’m also an active member of the WLW betas!

  7. Loke Uei says:

    Hey Randy,

    thanks for building SharpMT! Perhaps it’s my lack of patience that never allowed me to fully experience what Pocket SharpMT can do.

    Most of the blogging apps i’ve seen are all done by you guys in the community in your own free time. I really appreciate all the effort.

    Since you have the code base and experience, what about updating it for WM6?

  8. Rob Howard says:

    You should check out We took the Mail Gateway from Community Server and plugged it into the MetaBlog APIs. Using this service you just send an email (attachments and photos are supported).

    I use it for blogging from my blackberry ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Randy says:

    Oh no worries – I wish it could have been an easier or at least more streamlined approach.  Between the needs of MT and the 3" screen, it can limit the available options.

    Ya know, I hadn’t even thought about WM6…  I mean I’ve seen the screen shots and hear that T-Mo is going to offer an upgrade.  Does #MT need an upgrade for WM6?  Or is it automagically supported?  I haven’t even looked at the What’s New stuff for devs yet… I’ma slacker! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Loke Uei says:

    Rob: Thanks I’ll check it out. does it work with also, I think you need to get a new device ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Randy: MT works fine in WM6. Maybe you can change a little of the UI to make it simpler and have a jazzier UI like Vista etc. Are you using a Dash?

  11. Randy says:

    Ah, OK, so some of the UI – I can always look into that, when I have to rev the software again… the emulator worked well with the PocketPC – erm, Windows Mobile Premium – stuff when I was coding it years after I unloaded my PPC.  Same should be true of WM6.

    And yep, I’m using a Dash – easier than unlocking a BlackJack and was tired of waiting for a Q with GSM… nothing would make me get a touchscreen model ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. bluemonq says:

    There might be another solution, though it could possibly be a little kludgy depending on the horsepower of your PDA. What I’m thinking of is StyleTap, which is a PalmOS emulator for Windows Mobile. That, plus a moblog tool for PalmOS would get you back in business, I think.

  13. Loke Uei says:

    *lol* you’re funny. Here’s a virtual SWAG for making me really burst out laughing.

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