The 3 Amigos of MEDC : Past & Present

Damn! Mike dropped in during one of our important MEDC Content review/triage/brainstorming sessions and brought his camera along. The three MEDC Content Owners, James Pratt (MEDC 2005), myself (MEDC 2006) and Derek Snyder (MEDC 2007) were meeting to discuss how and what content should look like and created for future MEDC events.

Checkout his video on YouTube here:

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  1. Samuel says:

    Loke Uei,

    Just curious why james pratt stopped blogging since 2005 and his whereabouts…glad to know he’s still around in microsoft because i enjoyed his blogs and his knowledge since i met him in MEDC malaysia 2005.

    Wish he would back to his blog soon.

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