Windows Mobile 6 – What’s in it for developers?

*exhale* phewww, finally. Now that Windows Mobile 6 is announced, we can be more open about it. As you know we've been putting a lot of work to improve a user's experience in the core Windows Mobile OS, but what exactly is available under the hood for developers?

Here's a list of features that we think developers will care about:

  • Platform in ROM - saves precious memory and improve performance

    • NET CF v2 SP1 in ROM
    • SQL Server Compact Edition in ROM

  • New APIs

    • Windows Ink Services for Pen (WISP) Lite
    • New Sound API - Plays MP3s and more

  • SDK Tools

    • Cellular Emulator
    • FakeServer
    • FakeGPS
    • Hopper
    • CabToolSigner
    • Security Configuration Manager

  • Platform unification investments 

    • Improve the experience for users who have to deal with a multitude of devices types and capabilities.

Over the course of the next few weeks, developers on our team will be blogging and producing a lot of materials and publishing them online, so make sure you add their blogs onto your RSS reader. You can find most of the blogs URLs from the blog-list on the left nav.

The definitive source for more in-depth information will be delivered at the next Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference in Las Vegas on the 1-3 of May 2007. Don't miss it and register now!.


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  1. Bob Li says:

    前段时间写了《Windows Mobile Crossbow详尽评测》和《Windows Mobile Crossbow 预览》两篇随笔,传达 Windows Mobile Crossbow 的最新消息和评测。这篇随笔介绍最终的 Windows Mobile 6 的新功能和版本命名。

  2. Chua Wen Ching says:

    Will there be one in Malaysia too?

  3. Marauderz says:

    Hello… WISP… interesting.. time to hold off the phone upgrade.

  4. In my own personal protest of today’s major story , this entry was created on my Windows Mobile phone

  5. Peter Foot says:

    You’ve probably not managed to miss the barrage of reports announcing the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.

  6. Daniel Moth says:

    Windows Mobile 6.0

  7. Daniel Moth says:

    Windows Mobile 6.0

  8. But what does it mean to you and I and the dev guys… So let's start with the you and I thang…

  9. I've just bouth a new WM5 device for personal use and ops – Windows Mobile 6 was announced So what's

  10. So I’m not the first, and won’t be the last, to blog about this but I just thought I’d add the appropriate

  11. It looks like Windows Mobile 6 has been announced (link to Engadget) – and Loke has some information

  12. Vyacheslav Lanovets says:

    What is the core os version – CE5.0 or CE6.0? I’ve heard it’s old 5.0 so XIPpping SQL and CF into ROM will result in less than 10 MB available of free DLL address space.

  13. Loke Uei says:

    Kernel is still Windows CE 5.0. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 will be the kernel for future Windows Mobile versions.

  14. .NET 2.0 и SQL Server интегрированны в Windows Mobile 6

  15. sandeep says:

    How to migrate DOTNET apps. developed for WM5 to WM6 and what is the DOTNET frame work for WM6?

  16. sandeep says:

    How to migrate DOTNET apps. developed for WM5 to WM6 and what is the DOTNET frame work for WM6?

  17. Loke Uei says:

    Just open your solution in Visual Studio and if you have the WM6 SDK installed, you just right click on the project and select CHANGE TARGET PLATFORM to a WM6 SDK.

    All .NETCF frameworks run on WM6. The ones that come by default in ROM is .NETCF2.0 and 1.0

  18. victor says:

    wimdows mobile 6.0 whats next?

  19. Garis says:

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