Singapore has all the goodies

I like how the South East Asian countries sell phones. They don't do it via operators, you buy them from small "stalls" in large shopping complexes (malls) and you can pick from the wide variety of phones and connected devices from the usual suspects. Get your phone and get a plan from the local operators and you're good to go. No messing around with locked phones and sims. Don't like the phone? switch.

Phones are released quarterly (perhaps even faster now) and users typically change them as often. I know a few Americans who still have the MPX200 or the iPAQ 3950 (seriously, this lady I met on the plane had one still. She has an IPAQ which she plays Bejewelled on while she listens to her audio books on her sexy iPOD). Singaporeans will never be caught with something old, perhaps because of "peer pressure". They're driven to be better than others around them. Great for their economy because it promotes competition.

That said, I walked past many "stalls" today and seen so many different phones but the ones that "called" out to me was the selection of Dopod devices. Man, they have almost all of HTC's new line of devices, all except for the Vox and Athena. Most of everything they have on this list is on sale, except for the 585 (tornado) and the 900 (universal).

So readily available, so easy to obtain, and so satisfying for our "bragging" needs. I wish phones are made and sold like clone-PCs. Buy whatever hardware you want, load what ever software you want, and select features you need and expand the capability over time like adding graphics cards, peripherals etc.

Someone make my wish come true, please.

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  1. robtiffany says:

    I wish I was in Windows Mobile Neverland with you!  Try and find me an original MPx if you can.

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