So close to home…

If home was still in Malaysia of course. Just came off a 18 hour flight from Seattle to Singapore to deliver a hands-on mobility line of business workshop for some key partners. Flight was unusually quick, maybe because I spent most of my time getting my in-flight movie fix. Watched, The Queen(slow yet interesting), Fearless (Jet Li) (inspiring), Bandidas (@_@),  Gridiron Gang (phooey), and Flyboys (kick ass).

If you're in Singapore, send a ping and we can meet for drinks or to geek out about gadgets.

Comments (1)

  1. Wilson Loo says:

    Haha.. "PING robot -t" 🙂

    Give me a ring – I’m in town – via MSN or by email kwloo-at-nus-dot-edu-dot-sg or +65-978-19-647 🙂

    Haha.. and yes, remember me? 🙂

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