Presentation tips for the young and old.

Garr Reynolds runs a great presentation blog called Presentation Zen. It is a GREAT resource for both n00b presenters and experienced ones. I find myself visiting the site from time to time reading the tips and points over and over again just to refresh my mind and remember the techniques.

The slide tips section is required reading for everyone especially Microsofties. We're so good at putting people to sleep with our "powerpoints of death" that we have to hire slide beautification experts like Slidework and Silverfox to help fix the hundreds of powerpoint presentations we produce for events such as MEDC and TechEd.

With the new features of Powerpoint 2007, there is no excuse for creating powerpoints that look like this.

(mind you this is an actual slide deck that was used for a presentation in Microsoft)

I mean HOLY CRAP. It's so hard to see on the LCD screen 12" away from your eyes, imagine how it'll look like on a projector. Soo.. much... text..... zzZzZZzzzzZzzZ...

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