Can you FaThumb the impact of this technology?

FaThumb (pronounced "fathom") is a research project within the V.I.B.E. (Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment) group in Microsoft Research that is designed to be a revolutionary interface for navigating through large amounts of data. I first saw this technology a while ago during 2006's TechFest (Microsoft Research's Internal research project showcase).

Watch the Video here: FaThumb Video

I like how we can easily navigate through large amounts of data, especially if applied to Media such as Music, Video and Pictures. Perhaps even navigate via tags / keywords. Combine that with flashy Vista like animations and graphics and we got a fascinating UI.

I can't wait to see what's happening to this technology as the 2007 TechFest is coming again in February. This an other such as Photosynth, GroupShot, AURA, SOAP and Patrick Baudisch's prolific research projects.

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