Apple’s new Multitouch iPhone

Amazing. Steve Jobs does it again when he announced the Apple iPhone at Macworld 2007 just two hours ago. Engadget has a great recap:

The best feature, to me, is the multi-touch interface. It's a very intuitive way of interacting with the device. I believe it is the same technology that was shown about a year ago by a researcher called Jefferson Han called "Multi-touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection". Here's the URL to his research page:

Or you can view the research video below:


Simply Amazing.


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  1. AppleSucks says:

    Microsoft’s management team must be fired by its shareholders for not coming up with such things. The world has never seen a more dumber group with so much cash.

  2. MichaelDotNet says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Apple is going to treat this as less of a cell phone (although it will no doubt do that well) and more as a mobile computing platform.  I mean it runs a full OS!

  3. Daniel Moth says:

    iPhone. How much?!

  4. eileenrum says:

    I heard from CES attendees that anyone who knows anything about technology says the phone is junk.  And the tech columns/blogs are not so high on it. It is all hype.  We have great smart phones and were there first.  We have to count on that.  Plus the iPhone is like $500.

  5. MichaelDotNet says:

    Counting on just being there first is not good enough.  You have to admit that the bar as at least been raised on design.  Smart phones /look/ geeky and outdated now.  Just like wrist calculators.  I wouldn’t rest on your laurels, I’d be thinking of SOMETHING to counteract it.  Hype goes a long way.

  6. SevenSpheres says:

    I believe that Multi-touch and proximity sensors on iPhone are the functions of Synaptic technology, ClearPad, which they announced last August. If you want to know about ClearPad, go to Synaptic website under Onyx product.

  7. Trev says:

    @ eileenrum

    Jeff Han (the guy in the video, I presume you know who he is) has said he is excited about the iPhone, he is excited to see multi-touch in a real product.  It is not about the tech, it’s about how it is used–it’s about the interface.  

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