Psst… Interested in non-techie jobs?

Got four (4) open positions in our team for non-tech positions. Send me your fabulous work of fiction (aka CV/resume) if you're interested and I'll zip it over to HR pronto.

here are the job titles:

  1. Brand Marketing Manager - Audience Insight
  2. Senior Marketing Manager - IT Pro and BDM Audience Marketing
  3. Senior Marketing Manager - End-user Audience Marketing
  4. Senior Marketing Manager - Operators


*Disclaimer: I can't guarantee that you'll get the job ya? that you'll have to do on your own*

Comments (5)

  1. snooki says:

    er…can i apply? 😛

  2. Loke Uei says:

    Sure!! why not. Send me cv 🙂

  3. gabriel.georgescu says:

    can i apply my cv?


  4. gabriel.georgescu says:

    can i apply my cv from Romania?


  5. gabriel.georgescu says:

    I’ve done since I started my new opportunity for Microsoft from Romania to talk about it.

    Looking forward to more great technology innovation in 2007.

    See all in 07!:).

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