Eileen Rumwell’s new Not Only Technology blog.

Eileen's been a long time friend wayyyy back when I have not started working for Microsoft. I was a Microsoft Regional Director for Malaysia back then, and Eileen ran the RD Program. We got a lot of support and love from her as RDs. She made sure we were well fed, well trained and well.. well. She's also put together a very close knit group of influencers that are proud to wear the RD badge till today. There are over 132 RDs worldwide as of today.

Eileen has just started a blog called Not Only Technology, which is going to talk about everything BUT technology, focused on what is important to Microsoft other than the technical. She'll most likely give us insights as to how Microsoft sees "the influencers", "the community" and "the audience". I can't wait to listen to all the cool things/ideas/activities that she'll be putting in place to "show the love" to our audience.

No one else I know in Microsoft can do this better than Eileen. We're in good hands indeed!

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