Diet Zune

Feed Your Zune is a very cool application that allows you to subscribe to podcasts and vlogs and sync them onto your Zune. It comes with the following features:

  • Automated download and syncing of Audio and Video Podcasts to your Zune.
  • Full featured RSS video playback. Supports all video formats.
  • Discover thousands of amazing Video and Audio Podcasts with the built in Channel Guides from Network2, FireAnt, and more to come!
  • Open web architecture - supports RSS, BitTorrent, and Blog Permalinks.
  • Create playlists, favorites, manage disk space, and more...

Even if you don't have a Zune yet (like me), it works very well as a PC based podcast/vlog aggregator client. If you don't have Zune installed, it'll give you an error message, but just click ok and continue. Feed Your Zune is simple to use, has a beautiful interface and plays most vlogs without having to install obscure video codecs like Quicktime and mp4.

This will keep me occupied till I get a Zune. Go install it now, Sports Racers!

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