If I was making a Zune Phone…

As reported by Bloomberg, Steve said that eventually we'll have a Zune device with phone features. That's funny actually, we had that capability years ago; the Windows Mobile phone. But just in case, if we wanted to build a newer device that rides on the Zune's popularity? here's how I would make it.

*Dislaimer: I'm not working for Zune neither would I know anything about the development of such a device, so don't ask me anything. This post is my personal wish list.*




  1. UMTS/3G, Wifi, BT, Infrared and FM , for all the "Social" and OTA Music/video download needs.
  2. A2DP for Bluetooth Stereo

Hardware Form factor:

  1. Clamshell, the likes of HTC Star Trek with external screen. Clam shell must be designed to be able to be "clipped" to clothing.
  2. Design? something sleek, stylish and one that makes you worry about hairline scratches.  Like this.
  3. External Screen allows you to access media functions easily.
  4. Internal VGA screen.
  5. at least 2gb of space with Micro-SD / Transflash. Should be close to 8gb by then.
  6. Standard 3.5mm audio Jack.
  7. Fast 400mhz Arm CPU for video needs.
  8. Color? Brown, black, white and pink of course. I'd like to see a fully chrome device 🙂 that'll rock! and perhaps Gold!


  1. Typical Windows Mobile software
    1. Email, PIM, SMS, Phone, traffic, GPS navigation and thousands of other apps.
  2. Zune Media discovery, download, sharing software
    1. Don't need a PC to be able to purchase music/videos. Do it from your phone via 3G or WiFi.
  3. FM Media Connect (ability to broadcast music via FM Radio, so that other Zunes can listen in. Ultimate sharing)
  4. Built in Podcasting/feed aggregator, Vlog application.
    1. Read, listen and watch feeds
    2. record audio, video and upload to server for Live Podcast/Vlog features.


  1. Easy. This is the best solution to the power requirements of this device and to be able to get it to last at least 14hours of playtime.


so there. I'm sure HTC can build this hardware, no issues there, those guys are already that good at making Window Mobile phones. Software? The developers at Zune are already cream of the crop. They can manage. If not, we have hundreds of partners who are great at building Windows Mobile software, we can get their help to do it.

Now come on team! Let's do this right!

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  1. As reported on Smartphone Thoughts , HTC is working on a new version of the Excalibur called Cavalier

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! and to everyone else, a big Thank You! for being a great audience,

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